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Item Hire Price


Dinner Plate R 1,70
Side Plate R 1,70
Soup Bowl R 1,70
Soup Plate R 1,70
Dessert Bowl R 1,70
Tea Cup & Saucer R 2,00
Espresso Cup & Saucer R 2,00
Coffee Mug R 2,00
Water Jug R 5,00
Juice Jug R 5,00
Milk Jug R 5,00
Milk Jug (250ml) R 3,00
Salt & Pepper set R 5,00
Sugar Bowl R 3,00
Sugar Bowl & Lid R 5,00
Butter Pad R 3,00
Coffee Pot (1L) R 10,00
Tea Pot (1.2L) R 10,00
Toothpick Holder R 1,50
Ramekin R 3,50


Starter Knife R 1,50
Starter Fork R 1,50
Steak Knife R 2,50
Table Knife R 1,50
Table Fork R 1,50
Table Spoon R 1,50
Fish Knife R 1,50
Fish Fork R 1,50
Butter Knife R 2,50
Dessert Spoon R 1,50
Tea Spoon R 1,50
Soup Spoon R 1,50
Sugar Spoon R 2,50
Cake Fork R 1,50


Wine Red R 1,70
Wine White R 1,70
High Ball R 1,50
Sherry R 1,70
Champagne Flute R 2,00
Champagne Round R 2,00
Beer R 1,50
Whisky R 1,50


A refundable deposit will be charged based upon the size of the order. The deposit will only be refunded once all goods have been returned and checked. The booking will only be secured once the deposit is paid. If orders are cancelled 7 days or less before booking date – no refunds will be given on the deposit.
The hiring price is based on a one day hiring period (goods to be returned before 12 noon the following day).
Weekend orders must be collected between 12 noon and 14:00 on the Friday (unless a special arrangement has been made), and returned before 12 noon on the Monday. Also based on the one day hiring price.
If goods are not returned on time, another day’s hiring fee will be charged.
A fee of 50c per item will be charged for unwashed items returned.